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Common Bone Fractures Sustained During Car Accidents

Broken fractures are some of the most common and painful injuries people sustain in car accidents. With so many bones in the human body, many people injured in car accidents sustain multiple fractures, compounding their pain and possibly causing severe problems with movement. A broken bone from a car accident can also cause permanent health issues if the bone doesn’t set right.

If you suffered injuries in a car accident, the Richmond car accident attorneys at The Johnson Injury Firm could help you seek compensation for your medical bills and other losses. Keep reading to learn more about common bone fractures from car accidents and how an attorney could advocate for you. 

Broken Ribs

Depending on how an accident happens, rib fractures can range from hairline cracks to complete breaks. Treating broken ribs typically includes rest, pain management, and wearing a chest brace. Patients with broken ribs must focus on taking deep breaths and making gentle movements to prevent complications like pneumonia.

Arm Fractures

During a car accident, drivers and passengers instinctively brace themselves by extending their arms. Unfortunately, this reaction can result in painful arm fractures. Arm fractures typically heal well with the help of a cast.

Wrist Fractures

Wrist fractures, which often occur when drivers or passengers brace themselves during a collision, can affect various bones in the wrist. Common treatments for a broken wrist include immobilization with a cast, surgery to repair or realign the bones, and physical therapy for regaining strength and range of motion.

Tibia/Fibula Fractures

The bones in the lower legs – the tibia and fibula – can fracture during car accidents when the front of the vehicle is crushed, trapping a driver’s or passenger’s legs. Depending on the injury’s severity, treatment for these fractures may include a cast, physical therapy, or surgery.

Femur Fractures

The thigh bone, also known as the femur, is one of your body’s strongest bones, but it’s still vulnerable to breaking in a car accident. Femur fractures often take longer to heal due to the bone’s thickness and may require additional medical intervention.

Collarbone (Clavicle) Fractures

Clavicle fractures often result from the shoulder’s impact with a seatbelt or door. Depending on the severity, treatment options can range from wearing a sling for several weeks to surgical intervention with plates and screws. Most patients with collarbone fractures need physical therapy to restore full function.

Skull Fractures

Skull fractures are severe injuries that can lead to brain damage or even death. Immediate medical attention is crucial for anyone with symptoms of a skull fracture. Common symptoms include a severe headache, dizziness, vomiting, or loss of consciousness. Treatment for a broken skull varies depending on the type and severity of the break but may include surgery, monitoring for brain swelling, and rehabilitation.

Back Fractures

In rear-end or head-on collisions, the impact force can cause discs in the spine to fracture. Rest, a back brace, and physical therapy are common treatments for back fractures, though surgery may be necessary in some cases.

Pelvic Fractures

Pelvic fractures are typically the result of high-impact collisions and can cause significant pain, internal injuries, and mobility issues. Treatment options depend on the extent of the fracture but may include surgery with plates and screws, bed rest, and extensive physical therapy.

Recovering Compensation for Broken Bones After an Accident

Broken bones from a car accident can substantially impact your life, causing physical pain and medical bills. The Richmond car accident attorneys at The Johnson Injury Firm can help you pursue compensation for broken bones so you can resume a regular life. We’ll review the police accident report, medical records, eyewitness accounts, and other evidence to identify all the liable parties and document all your injuries. We’ll fight for maximum compensation at every step, and we can take your case to trial if we deem it necessary.

Our attorneys are ready to start on your case at your earliest convenience, so call us today or visit our contact page for your free consultation.

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