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Personal injury refers to an injury to one’s body, mind or emotions (as opposed to an injury to property) as a result of another person’s or entity’s negligence, recklessness or intentional misconduct. For example, personal injury could be the result of a car accident caused by a distracted driver, a defectively manufactured product or a mechanical malfunction while participating in a recreational activity.

Experienced Personal Injury Attorneys

The Johnson Injury Firm provides individuals who have been personally injured through the negligence of others with the best possible legal representation to recover compensation for their injuries — all at a reasonable cost.

Damages Typically Sought in a Personal Injury Case

  • Property damages, such as car repair or replacement
  • Medical expenses (past and future)
  • Pain and suffering (physical and emotional)
  • Punitive damages, intended to punish reckless behavior and deter recurrence

Factors for Recovering Compensation

  • Establishing fault with someone other than yourself
  • Proving the extent of the injury
  • The dollar amount available from the at-fault party’s insurance, or in some cases, your own insurance

Below are common types of personal injuries that may warrant a legal case.


Losing a limb by amputation is a traumatic experience. Amputation victims can be left with expensive medical bills, potential ongoing surgical procedures, pain and suffering, and lifelong disabilities.

Broken Bone

A broken bone can be debilitating and may require surgery or extensive rehabilitation. It can also lead to long-term discomfort or loss of mobility.


A concussion is often caused by an impact or violent jolt to the head. A concussion can have symptoms like headaches, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, slurred speech and tinnitus. It can also cause long-term health problems.


Fusion is a medical procedure that involves permanently joining vertebrae in the neck or back using a bone graft. Rods and screws are used to support the vertebrae, much like an “internal cast,” until fusion occurs.

Herniated Disc

When the round cushion that sits between two vertebrae is damaged and puts intense strain on the spinal cord and nerve roots, a herniated disc occurs and causes severe pain to radiate throughout the body. This injury can be difficult to diagnose after an accident, but it can potentially require costly and ongoing medical procedures.

Knee Injury

A knee injury can not only cause intense pain but also affect one’s mobility and functionality, causing long-term disability and health problems.


Paralysis, or the loss of voluntary movement in parts of the body, is life changing for both the victim and his or her family. In addition to the physical and emotional suffering, paralysis can require significant medical and rehabilitation costs.

Spinal Cord

According to the National Spinal Cord Injury Statistical Center (NSCISC), an estimated 12,000 new cases of spinal cord injury occur each year. The primary cause of these injuries is motor vehicle accidents, including car, truck, and motorcycles. Injuries to the spinal cord can be one of the most incapacitating types of injury, causing everything from paralysis to limited mobility and chronic pain. Spinal cord injury can also result in long-term medical and rehabilitation costs.

Torn Tendon

When a tendon is torn, it can often result in an extended period of pain or sometimes even permanent pain and suffering. In many cases, expensive surgical procedures and rehabilitation are necessary to heal the tendon.

Traumatic Brain Injury

A traumatic brain injury (TBI) is the result of a blow or violent jolt to the head. While this life-altering injury can have symptoms such as loss of consciousness, seizures, subdural hematomas, amnesia, skull fractures, dizziness, sensory loss, depression, and tinnitus, milder forms of TBI can sometimes be difficult to diagnose. TBI victims often will incur significant medical expenses and may require ongoing rehabilitation and care, in addition to lost past and future wages.

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