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Why Car Accidents Are More Common in Summer

Many people hit the open road during the summer months. Weather conditions are pleasant, the kids are out of school, and many take a well-earned vacation. But inevitably, car accident rates increase during the summer months. The Richmond car accident lawyers of The Johnson Injury Firm will look at what is behind this unfortunate but predictable trend.

Reasons Car Accidents Go Up in the Summer

It’s not just one but many factors that affect the rise in car accidents during the summer months. While winter has its own challenges with inclement weather conditions and dark evenings, summer is when more wrecks occur. The following are the most common reasons for this trend:

  • Vacationers — The reality is that more vehicles on the road translate to more accidents. In addition, drivers often visit places that are new and unfamiliar. This uncertainty can lead to an increase in dangerous wrecks.
  • Teenagers — When teens are out of school for the summer, they spend more time driving than during the rest of the year. Summer jobs, trips to the beach, and visiting with friends equate more teens on the road. Since they have far less experience than seasoned drivers, they are susceptible to crashes.
  • Alcohol consumption — Since summer is a great time for pool parties and barbecues, people often drink at social events. Although everyone knows how dangerous drinking and driving can be, many people choose to engage in this risky behavior, with devastating results.
  • Roadwork — Since the weather is pleasant, summer is the more favorable time for road work around cities and on highways. When drivers become distracted by detours and new traffic patterns, accidents are more likely to occur.
  • Motorcycles and bicycles — More motorcyclists and bicyclists are out on the road in the warm summer months. Sharing the road with these riders can be challenging for other drivers, who may hit them if they aren’t paying close attention or simply don’t see them.
  • Equipment failure — Extreme heat can cause tire blowouts, dead batteries, and overheated engines. If your car becomes incapacitated while you’re driving, you are at risk of getting in a collision.

What to Do After a Car Accident

In the aftermath of an accident, it’s essential to follow some basic steps to ensure you are safe and that evidence is preserved from the scene:

  • Contact law enforcement, even if the accident seems relatively minor.
  • Exchange insurance information with the other parties.
  • Take photographs of the scene and your injuries.
  • Collect the contact information of any witnesses who saw the accident.
  • Obtain medical treatment immediately, and follow your doctor’s orders.
  • Contact a trusted personal injury attorney as soon as possible.

How a Car Accident Lawyer Can Help

Securing the services of a personal injury lawyer is a valuable step in seeking the compensation you deserve after an accident. A knowledgeable attorney can help by:

  • Investigating the accident and gathering evidence, such as cell phone records and video surveillance
  • Interviewing witnesses who saw the accident occur
  • Enlisting the help of expert witnesses and other professionals with specialized knowledge about your particular situation
  • Negotiating with insurance companies to seek a fair payment on your behalf
  • Going to trial to fight for your rights if necessary

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